Individual Counseling

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When to consider getting assistance for yourself or loved one(s)

  • Concerns do not seem to get better despite efforts to handle them, for example: talking just with friends does not help anymore
  • Experience of unwanted consequences like not being able to concentrate; overeating, loss of appetite; over sleeping or loosing sleep; job performance decline
  • Worry about everything and worries staying on your mind continually;
  • Overwhelmed by feelings of any type: anger, resentment, sadness, embarrassment, shame,
  • Evidence of committing behaviors that could be harmful to you or others, for example drinking, drugs or sex.

Ohio Family Counseling Services provides individual counseling to assist persons with symptoms of adjustment conditions, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depressed mood, major depression, as well as drug and alcohol dependency. Other areas of services include those for career decision-making, weight management, health conditions, and attention deficit disorders.

Feel free to contact us at 440-779-9565 for an initial appointment. Most insurance are accepted.